Emerging Techologies Expertise

With each new emerging technology, IT reinvents itself in a predictable pattern. Whether you are an early adopter willing to take the leap before anyone else or a more conservative player wanting to achieve advantage after others have lived on the edge, our consultants can help create a roadmap to fit your business.

Client/Server, Object Oriented Programming, J2EE, Web-centric, Mobile, Service-Oriented Everything-as-a-Service, Virtualization and Cloud Computing are just a few examples of the waves of emerging technologies that have crashed upon the IT shores over the years. We can help pick the right entry point for today's waves building upon the best practices and lessons learned from our years of experience.

Our expertise is in evaluating each new wave of technology reinvention to separate the hype from reality and help our clients obtain the maximum business value from emerging tech while mitigating the risk of the bleeding edge. We do this by creating emering techology roadmaps customized to your buiness and by desinging and executing proof-of-concept projects to select the best providers or measure whether providers can deliver on their promises before signing on the dotted line of a new contract. We can also help manage the relationsihps with vendors of emerging tech to help fit them into your company's existing operational and development processes.