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So, with thousands upon thousands of blogs on the Net these days, why start another one? What is it that I have to say that might be interesting, informative or at least mildly amusing?

Since this particular web log is being hosted by WM Users, the online webMethods user community, I will focus on using the webMethods Integration Platform. As an independent consultant with my own company, I have the opportunity to work with many different companies and to see how they attempt to solve integration challenges using webMethods tools.

Over the years that I have been working with webMethods products, I have had the privilege to develop some great relationships with webMethods employees and with webMethods experts in the US and abroad. Occasionally, because of these relations and some interesting client assignments, I get to work with products that are in a preview, FCS or early release stage of development. While at times, I can’t share about products that haven not yet been released, I will attempt to provide a bit of a sneak peak when I can.

This integration business of ours requires a very broad set of skills. As the webMethods platform has expanded to include things like workflow, portal and BAM, those of us who work with it are stretched to learn new skills faster than ever before. To help with this from time to time, I will link to resources online or elsewhere that I find helpful when performing a particular assignment.

If you have some thoughts on one of my entries, please post a comment. If you have technical questions about a particular webMethods topic, join WM Users and post a question in the correct discussion forum topic.

Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy your visits here.


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