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The long-awaited and much-ballyhooed Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Windows XP is now available in a version for IT administrators who need to update multiple computers. It will start downloading automatically to the computers of users who have activated the automatic updates feature of Windows Updates in the next few days.

Wanting to control my own destiny a bit, I downloaded the 270Mb multiple computer version (after all, I do have multiple XP computers to update). I backed up my Dell Inspiron 8500 laptop six ways from Sunday, said a few prayers and kicked off the update. I chose the option to make backup copies of the zillion and one files that the update would replace and about 30 minutes and one reboot later the deed was done.

The only time I got worried was when the service pack update appeared to hang for a long time. A quick check of Task Manager showed that lots of activity was still going on, so I just waited another 10 minutes or so and the update completed.

After only light use since the upgrade, its a bit too early to pronounce the XP SP2 update a success, but at least it didn’t leave a pile of melted, smoking plastic in its wake.

And, now I feel so much safer…

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I just posted two new Fabric-related articles in the WM Users Discussion Forums.

The first explores the new Fabric-aware features of webMethods Developer Feature Pack 1.

The second article describes how to configure a Fabric server inside the Integration Server’s embedded Tomcat instance.

webMethods Developer and webMethods Modeler are the first two products to become “Fabric-aware”. I look for the other products like Portal and Workflow to plug into the Fabric in coming releases as well.


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