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Recently, I have been working on a project that requires a standalone UDDI server, specifically the one that is included with webMethods Glue 5.02.

The Glue implementation of UDDI is quite nice and allows for the directory to be persisted either in XML files or in the JDBC database of your choice.

I’m finding UDDI V2, though, to be overly complex for simple things due to its focus on flexibility. There is also very little out of the box that seems to help categorize web services other than by industry codes. I guess that’s a relic of UDDI’s early focus on public web services directories.

UDDI V3 offers greater functionality in terms of defining custom taxonomies to classify web services. Since Glue 5.x doesn’t yet support UDDI V3, I’ll have to wait until the next release of Fabric… er, I mean ServiceNet, to get into the details (or download an eval version of a competitor’s product, I suppose).

UDDI V2: harder to work with than a real database, not as flexible as you need it to be.

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