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Today was a travel day. Somewhere along the line I read a copy of USAToday. The article on “Early Adopter Technologies” caught my eye not only because I use almost every one of the technologies listed below, but because, apparently, so do many of my fellow Coloradans.

Four of the 25 counties that contain the highest percentage of tech-centric households are in Colorado, in the booming Denver region. Six are in the Northern Virginia-Washington-Baltimore corridor. And three are in Utah, in the Salt Lake City and Provo areas. Also among the top 25 are counties in Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Michigan and Texas.

Early Adopter Technologies – the percentage of U.S. households that have the following technologies:

  • Home theater (17.3%)
  • Cellphone with Internet access (16.1%)
  • Digital video recorder (13.8%)
  • Personal digital assistant (PDA) (11.3%)
  • High-definition TV (10.6%)
  • Cellphone/PDA hybrid device (8.2%)
  • Use only Cellphone for local phone service (7.2%)
  • Home WiFi network (4.8%)
  • Use of public WiFi hotspots (3.9%)
  • Pocket PC (2.9%)
  • Wireless local network (Bluetooth) (2.2%)
  • Internet phone service (2.1%)
  • Handheld wireless email device (1.7%)
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    This has very little to do with integration other than the fact that these guys “integrated” an Airsoft automatic BB gun, video camera, a photography tripod and some servo motors.

    I’m not sure what is more impressive, how well the thing actually works or that Aaron used his kid brother, Ezra, as a target.

    Sentry Gun details

    Sentry Gun video links: QuickTime Windows Media


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