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This past weekend, I finally pulled the trigger on the migration to new forum software and a new hosting provider at The combination of the new vBulletin-powered forums and HostingMatters plus a little custom style design from Sekimori have been a great improvement.

All in all things have gone very well. There are still a few broken links to fix and a handful of users have not been able to reset their passwords. However we’ve had almost 100 new registrations in the last 4 days (a new record, I think) and the activity levels very healthy.

Thanks to Rob, Ray, Chris, Saurbh, Igor, Mark, Ramesh and all of the other regulars for the great feedback and your continued valuable input!

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… We get to play baseball!”

The Roookie

That quote, from Dennis Quaid’s Jimmy Morris character in Disney’s The Rookie, captures pretty well how I feel about going to work when working on something interesting. I can’t believe I get paid to do something so much fun. I wake up early, stay late and generally become a technology-focused dweeb at least until I get past the fun figure-out-how-to-do-something-totally-new phase.

I do feel incredibly lucky to have a job that I like almost all of the time. It’s even better when that job happens to be in town and doesn’t involve too many frequent filer miles.

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