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New project, new functional domain. Wildfire incident management.

I have been updating the design of my custom SOAP processor for webMethods Integration Server to add support for XML Signature and XML Encryption. I’m also adding support for additional WS-Security token types to include X509CertificateTokens.

The project calls for using LDAP-based authentication to authenticate service consumers. Since LDAP authentication requires plain text passwords, using tokens containing only password digests in wsse:PasswordDigest format won’t do the trick. I’m considering building a very simple Security Token Service (STS) that would issue tokens (over SSL) that would contain encrypted user credentials as well as other desired user attributes. When supplied on subsequent service requests the tokens could be decrypted and used to authenticate against LDAP or the STS could be called again by the custom soap processor to validate the token.

In the last couple of months, I’ve also joined and become a voting member of the OASIS Emergency Management TC. The TC is working on finalizing the EDXL DistributionElement standard which we will probably use as an envelope for the payload of our Soap messages. The TC is also working on EDXL-RM which will eventually describe a set of emergency management resource managemnet messages that will be useful in ordering and assigning resources to various types of incidents such as wildfires, hurricanes or the inevitable avian flu outbreak.

We’re finally getting some much needed snow here in the foothills of Colorado so hopefully we’ll avoid burning down this summer. It’s tempting to add some trap doors to the web services I’m working on to sramble an entire squadron of air tankers to any fire that is close to our house. I guess it woudl look a bit suspicous with that many planes and helos circling over one house though! ;-)

The wMUsers software migration went very well and the response from the webMethods user community has been great with over 800 new user registrations and nearly 2000 active users since the move and higher message activity levels than ever before.

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