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Hong Kong Phooey was one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons when I was growing up. There were only 16 episodes ever made, but I must have seen them all more than a few times.

Back in the real world, I just returned from a two-week webMethods consulting assignment in Hong Kong. My wife joined me after the project was over for a few days of vacation.

I took this photo from Victoria Peak on a foggy evening after we enjoyed a great dinner there.

Hong Kong Island At Night.jpg

I enjoyed the big city life of Hong Kong and was truly impressed by how late the sidewalks and restaurants are crowded with people. At 11:30 PM there are still hundreds of people going about their normal routines.

However, after living in the wide open west of Colorado for over 10 years, I must admit that I found the relative quiet of Stanley Village and Repulse Bay much more enjoyable.

Update: Several months ago, I was contacted by someone from the French publication Nature & Progrèsfor permission to use the “Hong Kong Island at Night” photo in a future edition of their magazine. My only request was to be given credit for the photo and to receive a copy of the magazine when it was published. Well, it arrived last week. Wow, does that mean I am a published photographer now? I need to add that to my resume!


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Now this seems like something for the techno-geek who has everything!


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