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Please join the rest of the blogosphere in giving to Hurricane Katrina Diaster Relief.

I have chosen the Southern Baptist Diaster Relief Fund because of my direct experience with their diaster relief efforts and my belief that they are extremely well-organized and equipped to render aid quickly to those in need.

A list of other charities is available here.

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Update: My family heard from my aunt and uncle this evening. They live in Pascagoula a few blocks from the Gulf.

Due to my aunt’s advanced Parksinson’s disease, they checked into Ocean Springs Hospital last Sunday before Katrina made landfall. Until tonight we had no word of their safety or condition. My uncle borrowed someone’s walkie-talkie cell phone and was able to get a call through to my folks in Jackson.

My aunt’s condition is very serious and she weighs all of about 75 pounds now. According to the doctor’s, she’s one of the healthiest ones in the Ocean Springs Hospital.

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