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My company, Conneva,Inc., purchased the website WMUsers.Com from its founder, Dan Green a few days ago.

Dan started WMUsers over 3 years ago. I remember getting his early emails promoting the first and only independent webMethods user community back when I was a new customer.

Today the site has nearly 7,500 members and over 35,000 posts.

The changeover is going smoothly so far and I can’t wait to unveil some improvements in the forums area that will make creating, browsing and searching forums messages easier and faster.

It will be fun to meet many WMUsers members at next week’s Integration World in Atlanta. If you will be there, be sure to stop by the WMUsers booth in the media sponsors area of the solutions hall.

wMUsers Logo.jpg

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The gang at CustomWare have expanded their Wiki-based webMethods FAQ and opened it up to outside contributors. With over 100 participants (as of Dec. 2004), many of you are arlready involved in the project.

If you haven’t yet, why not drop in and see what knowledge you can share?

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I had an opportunity to spend a few hours with some webMethods folks today in their Fairfax office. I was invited to listen to some concepts for future product features and even view a prototype or two.

Hopefully, I’ll have a chance to write about some of these efforts before too long, but I really apprecated the chance to provide input to help shape the product. Companies that seek out the input of people who are really pushing the envelope with their products are much more likely to “get it right” than ones whose features come only from the ivory tower. webMethods understands this.

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webMethods employee, Ben Booth, has a new blog. {Hat tip – Graham}. He has some great posts on Agile vs. RUP, Eclipse tips and a humorous and oh too familiar story about a failed attempt to leave his home quietly at 5:45 in the morning.

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I had a little trouble getting the new release of webMethods Portal installed and running. After a few false starts, I completely uninstalled Portal 6.1.5, renamed the remaining “Portal” folder and reinstalled successfully.

The very next morning a collegue forwarded a link to this webMethods Advantage article that provides a few hints for making the Portal 6.2 installation process go more smoothly.

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This was posted on webMethods Advantage today:

webMethods is pleased to announce the availability of webMethods Installer 6.2. The webMethods Installer acts as a software inventory management tool. It lets you install and update webMethods software through a wizard, predefined installation image, or script format for a chosen release or service pack while keeping track of relevant component dependencies.

Customers will notice that all wizard based screens have been rejuvenated with usability improvements, from the initial logon, to the Advanced Options screen, and the Summary screens.

Significant improvements were applied to Component Selection screen, re-positioning component level detail to improve the visibility to the software inventory.

webMethods 6.2 works with all previous versions of the webMethods platform, and includes fixes that allow 6.2 to work with Image Files from all prior releases.

You can learn more about this release by reading the webMethods Platform Installation Guide on the Advantage Bookshelf.

Using this installer version with the correct credentials, you can now download webMethods Portal Version 6.2.


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