Emerging Technology Roadmaps - Conneva's emerging technology architects deliver business value by researching, prototyping and evaluating the latest technology trends to separate hype from reality in order to deliver competitive advantage while minimizing risk. With each new emerging technology, IT reinvents itself in a predictable pattern. Whether you are an early adopter willing to take the leap before anyone else or a more conservative player wanting to achieve advantage after others have lived on the edge, our consultants can help create a roadmap to fit your business. Client/Server, Object Oriented Programming, J2EE, Web-centric, Mobile, Service-Oriented Everything-as-a-Service, Virtualization and Cloud Computing are just a few examples of the waves of emerging technologies that have crashed upon the IT shores over the years. We can help pick the right entry point for today's waves building upon the best practices and lessons learned from our years of experience.

Architecture Design and Development - Technical Architecture provides the common services or reusable components and frameworks that form the foundation for a company's portfolio of integration applications. Ranging from naming conventions to best practices to common utilities and services, proper design, documentation and communication of the technical architecture is critical to building a successful, scaleable integration infrastructure. Conneva's Architecture Design and Development Services bring our expertise to bear to allow the right architecture to be constructed while the integration team is being formed or is in training.

Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting - No emerging techology implelmentation project is complete without executing a well-organized series of performance tests. Conneva's performance testing and tuning engineers can help develop your performance testing plan, select or create tools for generating application load or perform performance troubleshooting to help isolate performance issues and recommend corrective actions.

Proof of Concept Design and Development - Often a new architecture direction or product choice must be confirmed using a Proof of Concept (POC) project before a major purchase decision or architecture change can be made. However, achieving success in a POC project is often difficult when an individual or team unfamiliar with the technology being evaluated is responsible for its outcome. Conneva's Proof of Concept services are designed not only to clearly identify the goals of the POC, but also to provide the technical and business expertise needed to ensure that the POC project is successful while helping your integration team get up to speed quickly.

Technical Account Management - Conneva's onsite Technical Account Managers (TAMs) help your company get the most value out of your webMethods investment by bringing focused webMethods product expertise to your projects. Our TAMs help your team to quickly become proficient with new parts of the WebMethods platform by providing tailored training and by building examples targeted to your company's specific needs. TAMs help plan product upgrades, evaluate new releases and expedite resolutions for critical service requests